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The Scholarship Program. 

Each year the Legacy of Legends Scholarship Program awards mentoring scholarships to qualified individuals.

Each recipient is awarded the opportunity to be with a horseman, clinician, and/or trainer that emulates the philosophy of Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt. The goal is to preserve and protect the legacy of these two great horsemen for future generations. Selection is based on the student’s interest in the horse, career plans, financial need, and letters of reference.

“Basically, the idea is for the next generation of horsemen coming up to be able to go ride with good hands who we think are portraying Ray and Tom’s vision for the horse so that these students get off to a good start,” says Buck Brannaman, clinician and co-founder of A Legacy of Legends. “We want to honour the legacy of Ray and Tom and I think the best way we can do that is by encouraging young people to have a life that is fulfilling and rewarding— and that offers a better deal for the horse.”

Scholarship funds are paid directly to the horseman/mentor providing the instruction. These funds cover instruction and room/board for the recipient. Scholarship recipients will also be reimbursed for travel expenses to and from their assigned facility and may receive a small stipend, depending on need and the availability of funds.

Application requirements:


  • Submit a one-page essay describing your future plans and goals

  • Submit a video clip of yourself riding

  • Provide three letters of reference

  • Provide proof of financial need

  • Be at least 16 years of age


Click here to complete the online application form


Application Deadline: Completed application must be postmarked by January 30, 2020

Scholarship winners will be announced at the on 2020 Gathering in Fort Worth
Applicants don’t need to be present and will be notified by phone or email

2014 Australian Scholarship Recipients

Blair first developed a passion for horses while working on cattle stations in northern Australia. In the off season he began working with a local horse trainer and then later went out on his own, starting and training horses for the public.

“I’m interested in the art of horsemanship, especially in relation to colt starting, educating and retraining difficult horses. My main focus is on the way a horse thinks and behaves and how to make the horse feel good about himself, and good about the job he is asked to do.”

Blair’s goal is to be able to work full time as a trainer and teacher and to develop his own horse breeding program. The Legacy of Legends Scholarship will give him an opportunity to spend time with horsemen and horsewomen who can help him enhance his skills so he can advance closer toward those goals.

Blair Ireland Vic 


Daisy is a partner in an adventure tourism business that runs horseback tours into the Victorian High Country.

“In this business it’s necessary to have a willing, soft, reliable partner to ride through mountainous, rocky country, in all sorts of weather; to be ridden by total novices or used as a pack horse and to be part of a herd environment. But for me, I also want the horse to be happy doing all of those things. I want him to have a positive expression and to be able to use his body in a fashion that will prolong his working life so he can be a part of our business and stay functional and sound for his entire life.”

At 22 years old Daisy recognizes she is just beginning her journey, but she says she’s loving every second and every new experience along the way. The Legacy of Legends Scholarship will give her lots of new experiences to build on, enriching her personal life as well as her business.


Daisy Keloir, Vic

Leah has been a horsewoman all her life and although she’s just 18 years old, she already has quite a bit of colt starting experience. She even started two colts at the 2013 Horseman’s Reunion. While a bit intimidated in the presence of so many great and well-known horsemen, she says she learned a lot from them and was inspired to keep learning. “It’s now my burning passion to become a great horsewoman.”

Leah wants to continue building her colt starting business and to improve her horsemanship skills so she can take horses further and really finish them. She is interested in training cow horses and would like to compete. She hopes to reach the stage where she can share her knowledge with others keep the traditions of great horsemanship alive.


Leah Read, Qld