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2020 Australian Gathering 

Tamworth NSW Jan 3-5 2020

Doors open at 7 am 


The event starts at 8 am 

Finishes at 7.30 pm


Times next to classes


Colt start. 12 students under the tuition of 4 Professional Horsemen- 8 am to 12 pm
Colt starters will start a group of colts over the 3 days under the tuition of Buck Brannaman, Jaton Lord, Anthony Desreaux & Brook Hazlett. 

Sarah Clifford (USA) - Ranch Horse Versatility class. - 12pm to 2pm.

Sarah will teach riders in a group lesson and address how the horsemanship principles taught by  Ray, Tom, and Buck are the essential building blocks for advancing a horse to a higher level of education to compete in Ranch Horse Versatility competition.  She will speak from her own experience applying this style of horsemanship to reach the higher levels in her discipline.  Sarah will break down some of the exercises taught by these masters and show how they prepare and supple a horse for more advanced work regardless of riding discipline.    
Jaton Lord Special Stopping class.  - 2pm to 2.45pm (45 mins). 
Jaton will be doing a 45-minute special "Stopping" class each day. This will be an intense learning class for 5 people, who truly want to master the stop. It will cover the finer points to getting your horse to work & use the hind end. Getting your stops perfected. 
From Jaton

Master Horseman - Buck Brannaman (USA) -  Horsemanship  & Roping class. 2.45pm to 5.45pm. Please note the last hour includes roping 
This class will include all ridden aspects of the snaffle bit & advancing from the snaffle to a hackamore and beyond. 
Buck will teach the next phase in the development of the versatile bridle horse. Horsemanship 2 introduces the rider to working the horse in the hackamore and beyond. Horsemanship 1 is a prerequisite for enrolling in Horsemanship 2 unless otherwise approved by Buck. The class involves working cattle and ranch roping so that all aspects of preparing the bridle horse-in-the-making are addressed.

Roping part of the class: Buck will be teaching the basic fundamentals of ranch roping. If you do not rope you will still be learning & utilising the horsemanship in holding the herd & working your horse from the instruction of Buck. This is a great opportunity to advance your skills & step out of your comfort zone as great horsemen utilise rope skills daily.
For more information on Buck Brannaman http://www.brannaman.com/index.html

** Demonstration only - Jaton Lord & Brook Hazlett Reined Cow Horse demo. - 5.45 pm to 6.30pmpm -  This is not a class.

Master Horseman - Buck Brannaman (USA) -  Special Turns & Offset class class.6.30pm to 7.15pm.